Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Who: Terrella Media produces Brand Community Media and research for marketing organizations. These organizations pay Terrella Media to produce magazines, websites, and other content for their customers and prospects.

Purpose: Terrella Media produces this website to provide useful and interesting content to brand marketers, marketing executives, advertising executives, and professionals in related fields.

While it’s in Terrella Media’s best interest to make the content as useful and interesting as possible, the overall point of view represented and the overall selection of articles is intended to promote Terrella Media.

Sources: Terrella Media publishes original content as well as contributions from outside sources. Terrella Media may include articles or external links of interest without necessarily agreeing with or endorsing their content. Terrella Media assumes no responsibility to include or acknowledge opposing points of view and reserves the right to accept or reject for publication any content for any reason. Terrella Media may publish articles by independent bylined authors and will not edit or alter such articles without the author’s permission.

Details: Unless otherwise indicated, all editorial material on Terrella Media’s website is produced by Terrella Media itself. The website also may include third-party advertising and sponsored material. Terrella Media will not necessarily segregate or distinguish third-party content except to mention an author’s affiliation in the byline or biographical statement. The opinions expressed in bylined articles are those of the author and may not reflect the views of Terrella Media or its principals.

This editorial policy is subject to review and change at any time.

Contact: Terrella Media welcomes questions and comments about its editorial policies. Please see our Contact page for telephone numbers and email addresses

Updated: Dec. 3, 2008