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This statement describes the privacy practices for Terrella Media websites, including the type of information gathered and tracked, how it is used, and with whom it is shared.

Terrella Media
Terrella Media’s websites are intended for business executives and professionals in publishing, corporate marketing, branding, advertising, and sales and related fields. These are Business-to-Business (B2B) websites intended for promoting and selling Terrella Media’s consulting, publishing, and marketing services. Terrella Media does not directly serve general consumers; however, Terrella Media may have business partners that serve consumers and/or help other companies build consumer-oriented websites.

Because Terrella Media serves business executives and professionals, Terrella Media assumes that when you reveal information about yourself while using Terrella Media’s website(s) you are doing so in in a business capacity, that is, you have a professional interest in Terrella Media’s content or services or that you represent a business entity that has a professional interest in Terrella Media’s content or services.

The privacy practices here apply only to Terrella Media’s website(s) including this website and blog.

Terrella Privacy Practices

You can visit Terrella Media on the Web without identifying yourself and without providing information about yourself or your company.

You may choose to give us information to register and/or qualify to view or download reserved content. This information may include personal and business contact information and related information including your job function and purchasing authority.

You may choose to give us information to subscribe to email newsletters or other publications, or if you purchase a product from us or a business partner.

You may choose to give us information in other instances, for example, in response to online surveys, special offers, or promotions.

You may choose to use our contact form, which requires you to provide a return email address. When you contact Terrella Media by email, you agree that you are giving Terrella Media permission to send you an email back and to use your email address for relevant and appropriate followup.

If you tell us that you do not want Terrella Media to use your personal information to make further contact with you beyond fulfilling your specific requests, we will make reasonable efforts to avoid contacting you outside the scope of the original request.

This means that we will not intentionally solicit you or instruct a partner to solicit you; however, Terrella Media does not and cannot guarantee that Terrella Media or a business partner won’t contact you inadvertently. For example, your personal information may exist on multiple lists (with or without variant spellings), a contact may be initiated before your opt-out request has been processed, or a partner may act independently using information derived from a different source.

Because of the B2B nature of our website, you may instruct Terrella Media to not contact you personally; however, Terrella Media may contact other individuals in your company and cannot guarantee that such a contact will never be inadvertently routed back to you.

If you request something from Terrella Media such as a product or service or additional information, Terrella Media or its partners may contact you in response. Terrella Media may also follow up with you to ensure that your request was fulfilled to your satisfaction and may send you surveys for market research.

If you participate in a Terrella Media online discussion forum or blog, any information you post is considered public, including any personal identifying data. Use of Terrella Media blogs are subject to a separate Terrella Media Commenting Terms of Use.

Cookies and Other Technologies

Terrella Media may collect information and statistics, including your IP address, to help us understand how you arrived on our website and what actions you take while you visit. This data is analyzed in aggregate, without personal identifying information. Terrella Media may use third party tools, such as Google Analytics, to track website activity. Terrella Media disclaims any responsibility for Google’s or other third-party tool provider’s handling of your personal information or website activity.

Terrella Media may use cookies or other technologies to collect your usage data or to establish and save your personal website preferences.

If you disable cookies in your Web browser or operating system security settings, Terrella Media’s websites may not function as intended.

Links to non-Terrella Media Websites

Terrella Media websites include links to other websites and provide advertisements that link to other websites and is not responsible for the privacy practices of those other sites.

Notification of Changes

If you have a question about this statement, contact Terrella Media via the Terrella Media Contact Form with the subject “PRIVACY.”

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This privacy statement was last updated on Jan. 7, 2011.