David M. Kalman

David M. KalmanAn innovator with 30 years in media, marketing, and technology, Dave Kalman helps publishers think like marketers, and vice versa. Dave now has much less hair than appears in this old photo.

Dave’s expertise includes content marketing, publishing management, marketing communications, and audience development.

Dave served on the Western Publishing Association (WPA) Board of Directors from 2004 to 2010.

David M. Kalman Official Bio on LinkedInPreviously, Dave was a Group Publisher at CMP Media, where he launched and managed magazines, Websites, and events, including custom publications and other branded media. Dave supervised editorial, production, marketing, audience development, advertising sales, and business management activities.

Before becoming a publisher, Dave was a prominent technology editor, author, application developer, and speaker. Kalman is noted as the:

  • Founder of Intelligent Enterprise (IE) and the Intelligent Communities
  • Founding Group Publisher of Transform Magazine
  • Founder of CMP Media’s Business Intelligence Group, which included IE, Transform, IBM’s DB2 Magazine, and CMP’s Business Performance Management Conference (launched in partnership with Ventana Research)
  • Editor-in-Chief and Editor-at-Large of DBMS Magazine and DBMS:Online
  • Publisher of the Project:Database newsletter
  • Editor-in-Chief of Data Based Advisor and VP/Magazine Operations at what is now Advisor Media.
  • Technology marketing communications consultant
  • Application software developer and author of books and articles on IT and media-related topics.
  • Cofounder of Tapgift Network, Inc.

Dave began his media career in regional newspaper production.