Connected Events: Of Course

Long lines and flight cancellations in Chicago… That’s part of the ritual of traveling the conference circuit. Sometimes travel is necessary and desirable (I met my wife at a tradeshow), but for many events a technological and logistical solution would be preferable, such as the one offered by Cnxtd Media Corp. I recently (re)connected with Bill Rutledge, Cnxtd’s Managing Director (and a former Miller Freeman colleague). Bill told me about his company’s Connected Events service, which enables virtual nationwide conferences and tradeshows. Gatherings take place simultaneously in metropolitan areas around the country. In each city, a hotel ballroom is equipped with studios and linked by live audio and video, with Webcasting and interactive technologies. Conference speakers have face-to-face contact with the audience. Exhibitors can present on a broadcast schedule. Event producers can expand their reach while reducing cost. Attendees get the benefit of human contact plus the ability to learn and interact at a distance. That looks like a win for both. (Somebody invite me to a Connected Event so I can try one out. DMK)