Gibson USA: Rockin' Content

It’s fun to be a crank… always grousing about marcomm directors who blow through good money to produce worthless nontent. But it’s even more fun to think happy thoughts, and happy thoughts are what I get when I receive my newsletter from Gibson USA, maker of the legendary eponymous guitar(s). I congratulate Gibson for delivering real customer-focused content: player profiles, lessons, gear, music news, music performances, contests, and more. Bravo.

Now you’re probably thinking that it’s much easier to get passionate about guitars than about mobile phones (see my earlier post on Sprint’s e-snoozer), but that’s not necessarily so. I know phone aficionados who love love love their gadgets. It’s just that Sprint doesn’t seem to employ those people, at least in marcomm.

Here’s my difficulty tonight. I could write 5,000 words about the Gibson newsletter and Web site. But it’s late, and I’m beat. So for now, here’s a raincheck in the form of the new Gibson Raw Power Les Paul, with a link to the Gibson USA Web Lifestyle section. Enjoy.

The new Gibson Raw Power Les Paul.
The new Gibson Raw Power Les Paul. Image Copyright © 2009 Gibson Guitar Corp. used here under ‘Fair Use’