Starbucks Announces Rewards Program Inflation Supernova

Just in time for the holidays, Starbucks has gifted its most loyal customers with stellar inflation. Starting Feb. 13, 2023, the value of Starbucks Rewards points (“Stars”) will decrease by a third to a half* with the 50-Star rewards such as brewed coffee and pastries increasing in cost to 100 Stars, 150-Star items such as hand-crafted beverages increasing to 200 Stars, and 200-Star items such as sandwiches and other packaged lunches increasing to 300 Stars.

*From what I can tell, there’s one exception to this stellar inflation. If it’s not a typo, Starbucks appears to be reducing the Star price of packaged coffee from 400 Stars to 300 Stars. What remains to be seen is whether the coffee will be offered in the same sized package.

Happy New Year to all!